Top 10 game at Dufan / Dunia Fantasi


WORLD Fantasy aka Dufan become a favorite vacation spot in the school holidays at this time.

Dunia Fantasi privilege that comes to one place, you can play as much all day. Various types of games in Dufan, from which cater for children (Doll Palace) until the adrenaline (Tornado).

From scanning to Wikipedia, Dufan officially opened on 29 August 1985. This attraction built on a land area of 9.5 hectares in travel komplels Ancol, North Jakarta. This year, Dufan will even 26 years old. A short time not for a tourist spot.

Currently, there are rides Dufan models in many places. Some malls provide "Dufan mini" in the mall which offers a sensation similar to the coolness of the air conditioner in the mall. In Makassar, the new, in Bandung also has established a playground like Dufan owned Trans Corp .. For more moneyed can visit Singapore and playfulness in Universal Studios or directly to Disneyland in Hong Kong.

Yes, Dufan now many rivals. But, at least for me and probably many of you, Dufan has become a special place. Dufan not only places traveled but also the pride and symbol of the city, even the country.

The list is compiled based on my love for Dufan. Although now many rivals Dufan everywhere, Dufan still got a special place in my heart.

10. Palace Doll

[] - When it comes to Dufan, tips from me, do not jump around in the vehicle that makes a tense game. Start of the lightly-lightly used. The Doll Palace kinds. While the boat ride, we invited along with the river on either side view showing the diversity of cultural heritage to various nations in the world.

It says on its website, there are 600 animatronic puppet who greet you accompanied by chanting songs. Notice the doll faces, all the same whether or female models male. Down the Doll Palace for adults does not leave any impression. But just imagine if the puppets are life and you are trapped in the dark room. Well, the new scary!

9. Ferris

[] - Ferris is a Ferris wheel so Dufan marker. This windmill was built with tiggi 33 meters and is one of the tallest buildings in Dufan. From the top of the windmill, you can see the beautiful scenery along the whole stretch of sea Jakarta and Ancol area of Fantasy World. Most good ride this ride at sunset.

The landscape is much more beautiful. Well ... before you try to ride the Singapore Flyer in Singapore or London Eye in London, so-so feel this sensation before.

8. Kicir-kicir

[] - Create my wife, this vehicle makes cured. He was scared to death when a try. Kicir-kicir is an extreme version of the Ferris wheel. The rides were imported from Italy in 2002 is ready to make you spin, reverse, twist, while cruising. Make sure your stomach is not fully charged when riding this vehicle or anything that you just can-can eat out again.

7. Raw Toki

[] - Several times to Dufan, so the vehicle is the first game I was riding. Raw Toki often called "bomb bomb car" because in this vehicle that you are driving a mini car hit it hit it works here. Not fun when playing mrnabrakkan Raw Toki no car to and fro. Make sure you wear a seat belt is provided for safety.

6. Rafting

[] - Shortly before riding Rafting, generally we wondered: where proper sitting position so as not to get soaked? Well, after some time ride this ride I did not know the answer. Once upon a time I was drenched both pants and shirt,

other times only by splashing water and the person next to or in front of me were soaking wet.

Perhaps this is another preoccupation of this vehicle, we do not know what would be wet or not. So, before deciding to ride this ride, you should spends a change of clothes or, if it did not bring a change of clothes, prepare more money to buy clothes Dufan replace your wet clothes.

5. Niagara Gara

[] - This includes favorite rides in Dufan. Each wanted to ride this ride, definitely long snaking queue up. Whereas for the affairs of adrenalin, this vehicle only provide a climax in the form of rising to a height of 30 meters and slid jump like jumping into a waterfall.

Ah, perhaps the most interesting of these rides is because we as a log ride that follows the flow of the river is quiet and climax meet the waterfall at the end.

4. Hysteria

[] - Hysteria including new rides in Dufan. New officially launched in June last year. High Ferris wheel rides twice aka 60 meters. So what is it like to ride to a height of 60 meters and then thrown suddenly into the air at speeds four times the force of gravity? Aaaaaaaa .... Sure it was a hysterical expression that will come out of your mouth.

Because the vehicle is making hysterical no more suitable name besides Hysteria. This vehicle intangible two towers with a height of 60 meters each with a capacity of 24 seats. Vehicle seat and then raised to a certain height slowly for a few seconds. A few seconds later, a chair shot to the height of 50 meters at a speed of 4 times the speed of gravity.

Then the seat lowered at speeds minus one times the speed of gravity. It's impossible not hysterical when you try it.

3. Kora Kora

[] - Kora Kora tangible swinging boat. Korean-style barge boat form that swung back and forth very high with a slope of 90 degrees. Ride this ride makes palpitations. Sensation when swinging up high once and then swung down to make heart sank want dislodged. Moreover, not just once a heart made sepertiitu in this vehicle.

When try it, make sure you shout off. Secured all the fatigue and stress you lost. Uh, or you even more stress because horror yes after this play? Well, depends on you.


[] - Lightning is a roller coaster ride for adults. Apparently, roller coaster rides have become mandatory for a playground. Likewise in Dufan. The game is a favorite of visitors to test his nerve as it offers complete tension. Speeding, ascending, descending, cornering sharply, rolled upside down, everything is there. You are big balls shall ride this ride.

1. Tornado

[] - This is the culmination of all the tension rides pernainan Dufan for me. Named Tornado because this vehicle offers the sensation of what it's like being in a tornado vortex tornado alias. Your body is made upside down, rotated, slamming, to glide quickly. When tried, I really feel what it feels like fall and how the horror of seeing the ground below. Psych yourself up fully before riding this vehicle.

And remember my message, do not directly play this vehicle so come to Dufan, because after another vehicle so as toys toddler-or, it could also be, your body could no longer accept to play in another vehicle. As a result, you lose only play one game only.

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